How big is our vapor blasting service

Vapor Blasting Service Info & Prices

Vapor Blasting Service now available!

We now have our vapor blasting machine set up and ready for action both on our restorations and on yours.

vapor blasting service

What is vapor blasting?

Vapor blasting is a process that uses a liquid slurry mixture containing water plus an abrasive. The abrasive is usually glass beads but can also be aluminum oxide for more aggressive rust & coating removal or even blasting soda for an extremely gentle cleaning action. For most motorcycle & automotive parts refinishing operation glass beads are used. This gives a super clean fine finish, aluminum parts look fresh out of the die-caster, and steel parts come out looking fantastic as well. Vapor blasting can remove rust from chrome without dulling it and will not remove chrome that is still tightly bound to the base material. If your chrome is already flaking or has deep pitting it may be removed by vapor blasting service and we are not responsible for any damage to such chrome. You can also vapor blast gasket mating surfaces without damage because the process cleans the part without altering it’s dimensions.

vapor blasting service
Chrome bracket, Steel & Aluminum dipstick before
vapor blasting service
Chrome bracket, Steel & Aluminum dipstick after

What does the vapor blasting service cost?

We have discovered that giving a fixed price per piece is not really possible and would lead to us either losing money or cutting corners to meet the price point. In the world of restoration such practice is unacceptable. our vapor blasting service is done at the rate of $50.00 USD per hour. There is a 1/2 hour ($25.00) dollar minimum charge to start & then billing is to the nearest quarter of an hour after that. For example starting with an oil free but corroded cylinder head for a single cylinder 4 stroke engine. This would typically take about 30 minutes for a bare head ($25). With a coating of paint or extra thick corrosion, or carbon on the combustion chamber it could take 45 minutes resulting in a charge of $37.50. Please remember that all parts to be vapor blasted need to be oil & grease free, if not we will de-grease them ourselves and bill you for the time.

All carburetor bodies will get a complimentary dunking in our ultrasonic cleaner after vapor blasting.

Sounds Great! How do I get vapor blasting service?

First send me an email letting me know what you want to send for vapor blasting. Preferably with pictures of your parts so I know what to expect and when. Send the email to and include all of your contact information so that I can respond with the shipping address. The maximum sized object that can fit inside is approximately 24″ wide x 21″ high x 30″ longs. Motorcycle & car wheels fit comfortably inside as do motorcycle engine cases, most automotive heads, intake manifold etc.

How big is our vapor blasting service
How big is our vapor blaster?

Second disassemble & thoroughly de-grease your parts before shipping. You will need to remove all bearings, seals, gaskets etc. Roller bearings will be useless once they are full of glass beads or aluminum oxide and the resulting contamination will destroy them in short order. Baked on gaskets & RTV adhesives are not removed by vapor blasting so you will need to remove these before sending your parts. The reason we ask for oil & grease removal is that it contaminates our media reducing it’s usable life and the petroleum products in the slurry water call for extra time consuming and more expensive disposal procedures. Vapor blasting will actually remove oil & grease from parts but to reduce costs & protect the environment we don’t use it for that.

Third pack your parts up as thought they were rare and precious Faberge eggs. After all some vintage vehicle parts are incredibly rare & expensive. Please use good enough packaging to prevent any foreseeable damage and to be re-used to return your parts to you. Shipping should be insured for at least the replacement value of the parts. Our preference would be that you enclose a return shipping label with your parts, but if you don’t we can handle that for you.

Fourth, remember this is no miracle cure If you part has pits, gouges or scratches, when you get it back it will still have pits, gouges and scratches. This is a cleaning operation, it’s not capable of damage repair.

Fifth when your parts are done you will receive an email from us containing pictures of your finished parts for your approval and an invoice for the cost. Payment methods accepted are Paypal, Postal Money Order, certified check from a well known bank, and yes I’ll accept your personal check but it may take me longer to return your parts while I wait on it to clear. Once your payment is received your parts will be shipped back to you.

Here’s a quick video to show you what this machine can do.

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