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Vintage Motorcycle Gifts for the Collector

Hello everyone! It’s that time of year again, yep Christmas is fast approaching and you know that as a vintage motorcycle nut you will not receive any appropriate Vintage Motorcycle Gifts such as a 6 pack of 10mm sockets to replace all of the ones that have disappeared into the black hole behind your work bench.

Instead you’ll ooh and ahh over the latest tie and ugly sweater or sincerely thank the person who at least remembered that you ride a motorcycle and bought you a beanie at the Harley shop even though all you own are classic Bultaco dirtbikes or antique Marusho & Lilac motorcycles,  because it means they at least have a vague peripheral idea of why you spend so much time in the garage. Of course if your vintage bike of choice is a Harley Davidson this wont be so terrible but I’m sure it’ll have a picture of a Milwaukee 8 on it and not a Panhead.

That’s why I decided to make this list of vintage motorcycle gifts. Copy this link and send it out to your significant other, and all other family members & friends who spend lavish amounts of money on things that will gather dust in the back of your closet. Since research is a large part of any motorcycle acquisition & restoration let’s start this list with a fine selection of books.

Now if you’re a vintage motorcycle nut like me you are most likely a twisted mechanical genius. After all keeping a several decades old motorcycle running, requires love, dedication, enthusiasm, skill & most of all tools. I often tell people that I’m a tool collector and that the motorcycles and cars are only there so that I can rationalize my real addiction, buying tools.

One battery powered tool brand that I sincerely recommend is the Ryobi One+ series 18v tools. Unlike some other big name tool brands, all of the batteries from any year Ryobi One tool series will work in any Ryobi One tool ever made. After throwing away a whole set of perfectly good tools from a “leading national brand” because the batteries were no longer available, I made the switch to Ryobi and have been happy ever since. Hopefully this year Santa will drop the 1/2″ impact in my stocking.

Now a lot of you may already have all of the electric drills & impact drivers you need so here are some other motorcycle specific tools we could all use. Now a lot of this stuff below is metric but if you know what your looking for click on this link for Harley Davidson specialty tools or if your dealing with an ancient British motorcycle you should check out this lineup of Whitworth tools.

This is only a partial listing and yes most of these items are tools that I already have. In full disclosure this is a blatantly commercial page & hopefully some of you will at least begin your shopping from here and help me make enough commission to pay for the web hosting  for all of the awesome do it yourself motorcycle restoration content on this site.  Plus if it helps one of you get a vintage motorcycle gift you really want this holiday season it was worth it. Share it around & tag the people who love you and buy gifts for you.