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Motopsyco’s Featured Website BikeBandit.com

It’s been a while since I’ve featured a great useful website so today I’ll tell you about one of my favorite places to shop for motorcycle parts and riding gear BikeBandit.com!

http://www.bikebandit.com/ for motorcycle parts, full face helmets & more
http://www.bikebandit.com/ for motorcycle parts, full face helmets & more

Regardless of what you are shopping for you owe it to yourself to at least check Bike Bandit while you are shopping for motorcycle parts and accessories, especially motorcycle OEM parts. In addition to their very competitive pricing they have the diagrams (aka micro-fiche), and part numbers from the following manufacturers; BMW, Honda, Kawasaki, KTM, Polaris, Suzuki, Triumph, and Yamaha. This covers most major brands of motorcycles, all terrain vehicles, side by sides, dirtbikes, scooters, personal watercraft, and even generators!

They also have a decently written professional blog filled with tips on riding and wrenching that is worth looking through on a regular basis.

Shop for your Motorcyle OEM Parts at Bike Bandit
Shop for your Motorcyle OEM Parts at Bike Bandit

Seriously click here right now and go check out the great selection of motorcycle OEM parts. Yes I really purchase OEM parts from them on a regular basis and those of you who know me, know just how cheap I am, even though I demand top quality customer service.

If you are a regular reader of this blog then you know that I am a stickler for protective riding gear. When I get on my bike in the morning to go to the office, I always wear boots, pants, jacket, and gloves along with a full face helmet. Some may think this is overkill but I am really attached to my skin, especially the skin on my face so for me a full face helmet is the only way to go.

Bike Bandit Sale prices on full face helmets.

Right now Bike Bandit is having a really good sale on Arai full face helmets so if you’re in the market for some world class skull protection you really should get in on this sale.

That’s it for today and if you haven’t already be sure to sign up for our emailing list to keep up with the world of do it yourself motorcycle & repairs and vintage motorcycle news & events.

Peace Y’all

Destination Eustis 2016 Motorcycle Show

Friday at the Destination Eustis 2016 Motorcycle Show

There wasn’t really a lot going on yet when I rolled into the Destination Eustis 2016 Motorcycle Show early on Friday March 4th. So I went ahead and set up my base camp for the weekend. To stretch my budget this year, instead of staying in a hotel I decided to sleep on an air mattress in the back of the enclosed trailer. This actually made a decent camping arrangement as a simple tent heater kept it nice and cozy on the cool early spring nights.

Motopsyco's camp @ Destination Eustis 2016 Motorcycle Show

Afterwards I went digging around the swap meet just to see what was there. I didn’t take as many pictures this year because I had an actual shopping list of parts that are needed for two very different bikes, one a 45 cubic inch Flathead Harley and the other a Honda CT70 Mini Trail. Didn’t find much for the mini but there were a couple of vendors that had some good deals on parts for the Flattie.

<harley flathead battery boxes>

<flathead & wla handlebars>

One of the absolute coolest things there was this little Model T replica for sale. The seller drove it around all over the place, and I hope some happy person took it home.

Mini Model T at Destination Eustis 2016 Motorcycle Show

Other than a little shopping I just hung around the main exhibition hall and offered my meager assistance to the really hard working folks in the VJMC who were getting everything ready for the show on Saturday. Once darkness had fallen and supper was over it was time to retire to my little campsite and knock back a brew before turning in.

Saturday at the Destination Eustis 2016 Motorcycle Show

<campfire coffee>

Fresh perked coffee early in the morning, sitting in a chair outside while cooking breakfast over a camp stove. The only way it could have gotten any better would be if my lovely partner had been there with me, but alas she had to work.

<cb450 police & qa50>

After making myself reasonably presentable it was time to head over to the main hall again and watch as the neat old bikes filed in to register for the show. Rather than trying to post them individually I put a few of them in a slideshow for you.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

There were of course a few extra special bikes that really stood out and demonstrated that even though this may be one of the smaller “Bike Week” events it attracts some really high caliber machinery.

First up is an ultra rare Flying Merkel, who doesn’t enjoy seeing an old timer like this in good running order?

Flying merkel>

There have been a lot of custom cafe racer or muscle-bike style custom Goldwings showing up on the internet and it was great to see this wild ‘Wing show up to take home 1st place in the custom class.

Custom Goldwing Destination Eustis 2016 Motorcycle Show

No vintage motorcycle show is complete without at least one classic American racer, and the stunning Indian flat tracker fits the bill perfectly.

<antique indian racer>

The Best Of Show award went to my friend Mike, who brought this absolutely immaculate 1975 Kawasaki Z1B. He restored this bike himself from a rusty derelict. Look for more pictures of this one in the next week or two.

<1975 Kawasaki Z1B>

One of the best things about going to a VJMC organized show is the fact that the judging is done by audience voting. This makes results almost completely unpredictable, and does away the bullshit & hurt feelings that result from selection by a panel of judges. I’d also like to acknowledge the hard work of the Vintage Motorcycle Alliance, they run the swap meet and set up the vendor areas and without them and the Vintage Japanese Motorcycle Club, this event would not be what it is.

Click here to learn more about the Vintage Motorcycle Alliance

Click here to learn more about the Vintage Japanese Motorcycle Club

Until next time, Peace Y’all



The 2015 Bull City Rumble

The 2015 Bull City Rumble

Every year for the last 11 years during the Labor Day weekend holiday the club Ton Up North Carolina has been hosting a great multiday event for vintage motorcycle enthusiasts in Durham North Carolina. The main focus is on vintage café racer styled customs, restorations, competition bikes, and vintage scooters. Ever since I discovered this event three years ago the Saturday bike show has been permanently added to my calendar.

<Durham NC September 5th 2015>

One of the great things I love about this event is the fact that every year at least one really oddball custom will show up. The top motor freak at this year’s show was a diamond plate covered Goldwing that had everyone scratching their heads.

<diamond plate Goldwing>

This being a café racer club there was plenty of fine British & European iron on display including an original unrestored 1983 Triumph TSS with electric start.


<1983 Triumph TSS>

Numerous Moto Guzzi motorcycles were on hand such as this T3 and this old Ambassador

<old Moto Guzzis>

I can’t tell you exactly which one of the two it was but one of these immaculate AJS machines that won best of show, both look so pristine I don’t think it matters

< antique AJS motorcycles>

Fellow VJMC member Mike McSween was showing his terrific pair of restored vintage Kawasaki road racers with his 1971 H1R 500, number 56 in the picture taking home first place. The other green jewel in the picture is his 1972 H2 750 triple.

<vintage Kawasaki Road Racers>

Anytime I get within a mile of a Vincent I have to take its picture. Even though I am normally a Japanese bike fanatic, Vincents like this 1952 model really are my ultimate dream machine. Perhaps one day…

<1952 Vincent>

The award for the best Japanese motorcycle went to this highly detailed & wonderfully conceived CX500 Honda.

< Honda CX500 Cafe Racer>

No matter what angle it is viewed from the artistry & talent of the builder is just amazing.

<custom CX500>

Until 2014 there was no class for American motorcycles and while this was still the smallest class it did attract some high quality equipment including a 1950’s vintage Indian and this fine looking Harley Davidson J model.

<Harley Davidson model J>

I must confess that when the American class was first introduced that I and a couple of others had mixed feelings about it. We feared that an influx of the so called American bikers would destroy the character of this event and make it into yet another chrome, mullet, & tattoo show for us (and our fat wallets) to stay away from. Fortunately this has not happened so far. I was there for nine hours this year and only heard one person make a disparaging remark about the motorcycles with superior engineering, handling & reliability. Since she was blonde I’ll forgive her for not having the intellectual acumen to understand that some of us view our motorcycles as something more than just a two wheeled “Members Only” jacket.

It was great having Rommel Harley Davidson there as a sponsor and I really enjoyed checking out the new Street 750 demo trailer that they had set up. Check it out on the video below at the bottom of the page.
Other motorcycles at the show that I really liked included this very tasteful black Suzuki café racer. These late 70’s & early ‘80s Suzuki cycles don’t get nearly the love from restorers or customizers that they should, even though they were probably the best all-around motorcycles of that time period.

<Suzuki GS cafe racer>

If you love vintage turbo bikes there were a Yamaha Seca & a Honda CX parked side by side on the street.

<Turbo Seca Turbo CX500>

Everywhere you looked there was a good selection of vintage & retro machines, fine people, good eats, and plenty of excitement, and I am already planning to return next year. Check out the Ton Up NC website at http://tonup-nc.blogspot.com/ for more information.

<at the 2015 Bull City Rumble>

I took so many pictures at the 2015 Bull City Rumble that I decided to put the best of the rest into a slide show.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Here’s the youtube video that I made of the event. Watching this is probably the best way to get an idea of the scope of this event.

A Truly Unique Dirty Chopper

Mission Main Street Grants
Carolina Honda Powerhouse, hosted a really nice vintage motorcycle rally today (Saturday May 30th, 2015). While I plan to post a few pictures from that at a later time right now I am overwhelmed with the desire to share this fantastic custom. The owner shall remain nameless here, but he was willing to pose for a couple of pictures with his creation. First just let me give you the list of parts that make up this unique dirty chopper custom bitsa. (You know a few bits of this and a few bits of that, none of it matching but it all works together.)

<Maverick Dirt Chopper>

1978 Yamaha XT500; frame

2000 something Honda Rebel; engine

1969 Yamaha DT-1; rear wheel, brake, sprocket & sidestand

1984 Honda CR125; gas tank, forks, front wheel & brakes

1980 something Harley Sportster; shocks, seat, front & rear fenders

1972 Honda CB500-4; footpegs

1960 something Triumph clutch lever,

It also had a utility trailer tailight, cheap driving lamp headlight, a bicycle handlebar and a bunch of homemade small parts!

Yes I would ride it, would you?

<a dirty bitsa chopper>

<extended shifter>

<auxillary gas tank dirty chopper>

I forgot to mention this awesome auxiliary fuel tank sourced from some unknown ancient lawnmower.


<home built chain guard>

<cheap ass air filter>

<Honda Rebel Voltage Regulator on chopper>

<unique dirty chopper>

How about a view from the cockpit?

<mountain bike handlebars on motorcycle>

Amazingly enough despite it’s ratty origins & seemingly haphazard design when you view it from the side the proportions are nearly perfect.

< a Unique Dirty Chopper>
a Unique Dirty Chopper

<a Maverick Chopper builder>

The final flourish to set off this masterpiece of junkyard art is this emblem added to the numberplate!

<not a ford maverick>

Peace Y’all!

2015 Carolina Classic Motorcycle Show

<Carolina Classic Motorcycle Show>
Carolina Classic Motorcycle Show registration tent

The Triad Vintage Motorcycle club hosted their 9th annual Carolina Classic Motorcycle Show on May 2nd 2015. Mrs. Finch & I saddled up the old Suburban Assault Scrambler and rolled out of our driveway headed toward the N.C. Transportation Museum in Spencer N.C. Rather than running up on the super boring slab I plotted a course to Spencer that involved rolling up to Chesterfield, S.C. and picking up Highway 742 and rolling into N.C. and picking up U.S. 52 for the rest of the way into the Show.

Let me get started by praising the venue, the Transportation Museum is a very nicely laid out train museum with great parking for visitors and a really nice grassy area with paved pathways for the show grounds. Although you will see glimpses of it in the pictures the best way to see how nice of a facility they have is to watch this little video clip I made riding into the museum. Some of the show bikes are also featured in the video as well.

I have decided to make this mostly a pictorial post with random comments. There was something for everyone here.

<1929 Indian Scout>

Lets go ahead and start out with this 1929 Indian Scout!

<29 Indian Scout engine>

Of course while our baby boomer parents have driven the collectible motorcycle market so far, I predict that as those of us in Generation X take over you will see the motorcycles that we lusted over in our younger days such as this pristine Suzuki Katana experience a surge in value & collect-ability.

<1st Gen Suzuki Katana>

<81 82 83 Suzuki Katana>

No motorcycle show is complete without a couple of nice Harleys

<old shovelhead Harley>

The old FLH was nice but I really loved this Evel Knievel replica Sportster.

<Evel Kneivel replica sportster>

Is that cool or what?

Some really nice British iron was there also.

<triumph tr6>

<Norton Commando 750>

<77 Triumph Bonneville sidecar>


Some off road racers were being shown as well.

<CR Honda & YZ Yamaha>

<restored Suzuki TS185>

The cafe racer crowd was well represented.

<classic cafe racers>

<80 CB650 Cafe Racer>

A very tasty looking Yamaha RZ350 Kenny Roberts signature edition.

<RZ350 Kenny Roberts>

<2 stroke Yamaha>

For once mine was not the only rat bike in the show, check out this XS400 chopper.

<rat yamaha chopper>

Great looking patina on this old Norton

<Norton Rat>

<Norton Rat>

Another Gen X favorite we couldn’t afford when we were 19, the Honda Interceptor

<Honda VFR1000 Interceptor>

The trains rolling in and out during the day greatly added to the atmosphere of the event.

<historic transportation>

It’s time for me to stop writing now & let the pictures do the rest of the talking…

<Yamaha Seca Turbo>
Yamaha Seca Turbo
<Sears Puch 250 Twingle>
Sears Puch 250 Twingle
<1966 Honda Super 90>
1966 Honda Super 90

<the Gold Wings>

To see more visit the Triad Classic Motorcycle Club Facebook page

Peace Y’all



Destination Eustis Vintage Motorcycle Show

<Destination Eustis Flyer>

It’s time once again for the one of the premier shows on the Vintage Japanese Motorcycle Club calendar; The Destination Eustis Vintage Motorcycle Show! I attended this show last year and although I am unable to attend for this year I was so impressed that motopsyco.com is one of many fine sponsors of the event this year. At this time I am definitely planning to return in 2016.

Please note that just because this is a VJMC show does not mean only Japanese bikes, Bring out any old iron you have be it American, British, or European there are classes for everything as long as it is vintage!

Just a reminder that this Vintage Motorcycle Show will take place inside the Lake County Fairgrounds EXPO Building. It is a secure facility with the ability to load and unload motorcycles inside the facility in the event that it rains. This is a premier VJMC show venue. There will be no Bike for Sale signs on any bike entered into the show. Also only bikes entered in the show will be displayed in the main expo building.

Here’s a little walk through of last years show to give you an idea of the quality of machines you can expect to see there.

The International Motorcycle Swap Meet and Vintage Motorcycle Show is taking place at the Lake County Fairgrounds in Eustis, Florida March 6-8, 2015. This year’s event continues a legacy of more than 20 years of vintage motorcycle events at this location. We would like to thank the City of Eustis for graciously supporting this event. Once again they will host in our honor a Downtown Block Party on Friday evening, March the 6th. On Saturday, March the 7th local business will provide entertainment and local restaurants will open their doors for all event attendees. So come join us as share our event with the City of Eustis and their local businesses. 

For more information or to register for the show please click on this line.


StoriesofBike Website of The Month December 2014



I have a confession to make. I love to watch hipster motorcycle videos. In fact they have to be downright stupid for me not to like them. Hell I’m even thinking about making one of my own, after all even though I am old as dirt I’m still so hip I have trouble seeing over my pelvis.

The website that will be brought to your attention today goes quite a bit beyond the typical bike videos normally produced by guys in small shops with custom wares to hawk or questionable skills to show off, and gets deeper into the personalities of the people who ride and love these motorcycles.

We all dream of riding

Based in Australia, Cam Elkins is the creator of Stories of Bike, with the aid of his brother Jack who creates the music that accompanies the videos. Yes there is a video or two involving your typical tattooed 20 somethings with piercings, flannel shirts, and fuzzy beards working on some variation of custom bikes. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that, and if that were all there is to it, watching these clips would still be a great way to waste a few minutes of your time on a fairly regular basis because of the strong production values the StoriesofBike.com team bring to the table .


But these videos blow right past that, talking to the riders and builders in depth about motorcycles, life, love and how they came to be the people they are today. Yes there is fine machinery in these videos, but there are also fine people in these videos too, from different places & backgrounds but all connected by a common love of riding motorcycles. When you watch one of these clips you end up feeling like you know the person or persons being filmed & interviewed, a very difficult feat to pull off in the short film format.

The video embedded below especially touched my heart, there is nothing better than love that lasts all the way to the end. This is my favorite video at StoriesofBike.com watch it all the to the end.



Love baby, it’s what makes life worth living, especially when you have motorcycles to go with it.

So is StoriesofBike Website of the Month material? I absolutely think so, let me know if you like it as much as I did


Peace Y’all,