The Fog Thief A Psyco Product Review!

<Fog Thief brochure outer>

Hello Everyone,

I was contacted and asked to review a rather unique device designed to prevent face shield fogging. Since cold weather riding is the best test of anything that claims to prevent fogging inside of a helmet, I told the maker to ship me one to test and in their generosity they also sent me one to give away to a lucky reader. I’ll tell you how you can win a Fog Thief of your very own at the end of this review.

<Fog Thief brochure inner>

We start out on a chilly Good Friday morning, according to my local weather babe on t.v. my hometown was supposed to be at 34 degrees Fahrenheit, but I think whomever keeps that particular thermometer must keep it under a heat lamp. Here is a shot of my car’s rear windshield at 6:30 a.m. 34 degrees my ass.

the weather girl lied
thick frost on my car windshield this morning.

Yesterday when I got home from the office a fedex package from Montie Design the firm that is helping to develop and market this product, was waiting for me with two samples of the Fog Thief. It is a very simple design, imagine if you will an upside down snorkel. The mouth piece seems to be directly modeled from a scuba mouth piece, but instead of a hose leading to a tank there is a u shaped plastic snorkel that simply points down and out of`the bottom of your lid. Such a simple seeming idea you wonder why you have never seen it before.

<the fog thief>

Now if you are not used to using a snorkel or scuba gear this will take some getting used to. Initially it would trigger my gag reflex after a few minutes, but I got used to it. The mouth piece is top grade neoprene rubber and very tough, I am sure you could eventually chew through it, but you can really clench your teeth on it without any damage to the mouth piece or your teeth.

<fog thief bottom view>

The company brochure claims that it will work with all helmet designs and it worked with mine but it was a very tight fit, that shifted the position of the Fog Thief in my mouth. On the plus side the tight fit meant that it was not necessary for me to keep my teeth clenched to keep it in place.

<fog thief mouthpiece>
A product of FunProjex!
For this test I decided to try a different approach and go offroading instead , this mint condition ’99 Arctic Cat 300 4X4 just happened to be sitting in my shop this week. This is as fine a utility atv as you can find on the planet and makes a great trail crawler.
With your helmet on the Fog thief is barely visible.
99 Arctic Cat 4X4
the Motopsyco on a 300 4×4 Arctic Cat

With your helmet off or open the Fog Thief looks kinda ridiculous.

fog thief close up
Can you spot the walrus in this picture?

Does it work as advertised? Yes it does, as long as you remember to breathe through your mouth. A couple of time I got excited and forgot to do this & fogged up my shield. Readers with a sharp memory will remember that I used this helmet to test an anti-fog spray a few weeks ago, but to make this test fair I cleaned the shield with plain soap & water to remove the anti-fog spray. After about twenty minutes or so I was able to relax & get used to it but occasionally did have to stop and wipe away some saliva that leaked out around it. Chances are that if you use an open face helmet with a shield, or any other helmet that has enough room for the Fog Thief to sit squarely in your teeth this probably will not be a problem for you. I really think the fitment and usability will be different for each individual and the only way to find out is to try it for yourself.

It worked well for me but I did not always remember to breathe correctly, every now and then I’d have these little moments and forget. You know how it goes, you spot a little hill & get a little air, Yeehaa! Then you forget and exhale through you nose, oops fogged up again. Oh well you can’t do too much playing like that on this kind of atv anyway.

coming home on Arctic Cat ATV
coming home on the Arctic Cat ATV

Every new item has it pros and cons, let’s start with the cons;

1. Definitely requires some getting used to especially if you have never used scuba or snorkel gear.

2. Fits better under some helmets than others

3. Requires a certain amount of self discipline or nose plugs to use successfully

Now let’s go with the pros;

1. If you do your part it works as advertised!

2. Top quality materials

3. Made in the U.S.

If you are a serious cold weather rider, snowmobiler, or or any kind of racer and you have trouble with the face shield fogging this just might be the solution you are looking for. For more information or to purchase one to try see the Fun Projex website

Now for the give away; I have here a brand new never used Fog Thief that I will be giving away on April 20th 2013. All you have to do is click the Facebook link at the upper right hand corner of this page and like the Facebook page and leave a comment with the words Fog Thief in it. Alternatively if you do not have a Facebook account or don’t want to use it you may leave me a comment below, but please remember that comments are moderated and may take a day or two to appear. If you have already liked my FB page & would like to enter the drawing, you can just leave a comment as described above.

On April 30th my lovely assistant will draw one lucky winners name from a hat and I will send that person a Fog Thief of their own to try out!

Peace Y’all


Peace Y’all

the moon Good Friday 2013
I took this shot while out test riding the Fog Thief & wanted to share it with you.