Existential Motorcycles The March 2013 Website of the Month

Existential Motorcycles is a different kind of motorcycle website. It’s run by a gentleman in N.C. whom repairs &  restores motorcycles for a living. While it is in some ways an advertisement for his business, when you read it you realize that it is so much more. Articles like The Wretched Truth About Restorations, and So You Think You Want a Custom Cafe Racer,  tell a kind of truth you may never read anywhere else.

I really like the following quote from his home page.

“My shop is in an over-sized two-car garage attached to my home. My work is a calling, in the theological sense of the word. Ethical and moral questions arise every day – they are hard, sharp, unambiguous and unavoidable.”

There are people who can work on motorcycles, and there are people who can write really well. When we find someone who can do both we should pay attention.

Peace Y’all