2014 Antiques On Main Rally / Kamikaze Motorcycle Show in Chesnee S.C.

July 26, 2014 the weather looks absolutely wonderful on this fine Saturday morning as Mrs. Psyco & I load up the world famous Suburban Assault Scrambler, slipped into our riding gear and hit the road for a little jaunt 3 hours to the northwest to a little town called Chesnee. The Carolina Rider a newsletter/ezine/website […]

97 Honda Shadow 1100 Carb Cleaning & Jetting ~ Part 1

Let’s jump into another “how to” post! Above is today’s patient a 1997 Honda Shadow, a great riding 1100cc v-twin that while still running very well, needed a little tweaking.  These motorcycles came from the factory with the carburetors set up toward the lean end of the spectrum for emissions reasons. This led to some […]

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