The Virginia Tech Transportation Institute Motorcycle Safety Study – The April WOTM

Virginia Tech Motorcycle Safety Study 1981 was a long time ago; 33 years ago in fact that’s when Dr. Harry Hurt and his team published the now famous Hurt Report study of motorcycle accidents. This author is not personally aware of any large scale studies done prior to this. Dr. Hurt & his team conducted […]

Just a few more interesting things.

In my last post I showed you a nice old Harley service-car, now here’s the bones of one. While we’re looking at basket cases check out this Mobylette. There was actually a pretty good selection of offbeat European project bikes available. And my personal favorite Harley Davidson model, the XLCR. It is been a long […]

All the coolest bloggers are WordPress motorcycle bloggers!

I finally had the privilege meeting one of my fellow WordPress bloggers live in person. Here I am with Jessie McKay who writes the blog He is getting ready to do another cross country run to the Born Free show so go follow his blog to keep up the adventure.

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