1982 Honda Passport Restoration Part 3

1982 Honda Passport

As mentioned before I had a request from a reader to share more of my pictures from my 1982 Honda Passport restoration So here are some of the repainting & reassembly process. Due to all the rust and pitting I sandblasted the entire exterior of the frame and them primed it with a green zinc […]

1982 Honda Passport Restoration Part 2

1982 Honda Passport Restoration

Cody, this post about my 1982 Honda Passport Restoration is for you! I finally have my 1982 Honda Passport Restoration 99.5% done, at this point all I’m waiting on is some custom made decals. Apparently the tank decals for the blue paint version were a one year only special and are completely unobtainable as N.O.S […]

Is A Lithium Motorcycle Battery For You

<lithium motorcycle battery>

Lithium Motorcycle Battery Pros & Cons If you have not heard the buzz about lithium batteries for motorcycles then you have probably been hiding under a rock somewhere. There are many different brands available, and although prices have dropped some you may have noticed that they command a premium price. The question for most people […]

Road Dog Publications WOTM Feb. 2016

road dog publications

Please click here to visit Road Dog Publications Normally I wouldn’t give you a commercial venture for the website of the month, but Road Dog Publications is much more than just a bookseller. Road Dog is primarily focused toward the adventure riding segment of the market, and features a lot of books about epic trips. […]

Cheap Fake Cad Plating & ABS Plastic Repair

how to cheap fake cad plating

  There are two things that are commonly found when working on old motorcycles, one is cadmium plated parts that are faded, rusted or discolored somehow, and the other is broken or cracked mounting tabs on plastic parts such as air boxes or side covers. Today we’ll learn how to do a reasonably good job […]

Honda C70 Passport Restoration Part 1

Dilapidated Honda C70

Honda C70 Passport Restoration The Beginning It all started out innocently enough with me picking up this little diamond in the rough. It obviously hadn’t run in a while and was very weather beaten. Initially I had no plans to do a complete Honda C70 Passport Restoration but you know how these things tend to […]

Pillioness.com Website of the Month Jan.’16

Pillion riders blog

Pillioness.com Website of the Month for January I told you I was bringing back the website of the month feature, & here is a great one that is oriented toward motorcycle passengers. Let face it as fuzzy faced, hairy chested biker men we are usually talking about women. Now we all love tough strong independent […]

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